The website showcases a few of my photographs taken over many years. My main photographic interest is sport and action photography, although I also take all other types of photographs.  Living close to Roundhay Park in Leeds, which hosts many different types of events, I am lucky to be able to carry out photography on my doorstep.

The World Triathlon Champiships swim in Waterloo Lake, Roundhay Park, Leeds  summer 2018


I have also undertaken photographic projects for the Leeds Civic Trust and the City Council.  I was one of a number of phootographers who undertook a Civic Trust project to photograph, and report on the condition, of the 3500 listed buildings in the Leeds area.   For the Council I have photographed a number of Light Night events, a city wide series of free entertainments and interesting events put on by both local and international artists.

The gothic summer house on the Braham Park estate on the outskirts of Leeds

My main interest in photography is sport and action.